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How about taking Ikebana, Japanese flower arrangement lessons for few hours in the ancient capital city of Kyoto, where Ikebana originally emerged and flourished to form current patterns and styles.
This few hours thrilling experience will sure to makes your stay in Kyoto more valuable.
You will learn the basic techniques of Ikebana through the lessons by qualified instructors.
Returning home, you can enhance the ambience of your private party by decorating your home with Ikebana, with the techniques and styles you have acquired during your visit to Kyoto. It will certain be exciting and a challenge to arrange the flowers and plants native to your homeland.
Among various patterns and styles, we have chosen ‘Moribana’, the basic style and yet having sprawling depth of Japanese floral art culture.
For your information:
‘Moribana’, upright style, is considered as the basic form in Ikebana.
‘Moribana’ literally means “piled-up flowers”.
The flowers are arranged in a shallow vase called “Suiban” and they are secured on “Kenzan” or needle point holders (colloquially referred to as metal frogs).
Apply now for the Ikebana lessons and you will be able to bring home with you the essence of Japanese flower arrangement!
Male participants are welcomed as many Japanese men also enjoy Ikebana.
Advance reservation is required, and the lesson fee will be announced according to the group size and condition.

Organized by Active Tours Kyoto Liaison Office:
11, Ginkakuji-maecho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8407
Contact: Masaharu NOMURA (Mobile: 090-7767-5163)
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